Who Are We?

We are a group of FIREFIGHTERS who own and ride motorcycles.


Our Aim.


The aim of the group is to promote a community amongst motorcycle riding FIREFIGHTERS, get out and about on our motorcycles and raise money for those affected by fire related injuries and for Fire Service related charities.




Predominantly yellow and silver with red border on black background (The colours of the majority of Front Line Fire Appliances).

The Red denotes the thin red line, Black the sooty nature of our job, the Yellow and Silver reflects the Hi-Vis markings on our fire gear.




FIREFIGHTERS in yellow and silver on a black background with a red border laid out in a straight line text bar positioned on the front left breast. This is worn by all members regardless of membership status.


Patch showing a Fire helmet wearing a respirator mask facing forward with crossed fire axes behind surrounded by flames worn on the front left below the FIREFIGHTERS patch. This is worn by full members.


No support patches for any other club allowed. Other Fire Service related patches can be worn as long as they are relevant to the individual and don’t cause offence.


No location patches or patches that could be construed as claiming a territory or location will be worn alongside, below or above the FIREFIGHTERS patch.




Committee consists of a President, Secretary and Messman (Treasurer). We have divisional reps in various locations of the United Kindom for contact purposes only. Each Divisional Rep will Form part of the National Committee.

Members in Countries other than the UK will select a National Rep who will also form part of the Committee.


The club has its base and roots in Kent but we will have divison in other areas where membership numbers warrant.

Assistance will be given to ensure interactions and good relationships with local clubs is maintained where possible.




Membership of the group is only open to serving or retired operational FIREFIGHTERS


To apply to become a member you must be serving or have served with a recognised Fire & Rescue Service in an operational capacity with a blue light emergency response role or provided blue light emergency response services to the general public in a fire related role.


You must have a full motorcycle license and own and ride a motorcycle of any make that has an engine capacity of 500cc or more.


Proof of service will be required and must be provided before your application for full membership will be considered.


Applications to join are invited from all Firefighters and will be considered by the membership secretary.


Full membership is by invitation only after a period of getting to know you. We need to decide that you are the right person, with the right attitude to ride, party and join us and also that we are the sort of people you want to socialise with.


Geographic location will not disbar individuals from becoming members.


The joining process may take some time and could extend to more than a year during which time we will get to know you and you will get to know us before offering you full membership.


There are two ‘grades’ of membership Full and Probationer, in line with Fire Service terminology.


All communication should be through the contact page for membership enquiries or general enquiries.




If you are a member or have been a member of the Police Force, HM Customs, the Prison Service or any law enforcement agency please do not apply to join this club. Whilst we work with members of the Police etc. at incidents our social lives are separate and besides it’s a FIREFIGHTER’s club.




As we have members from all over the country it should be stressed that we are an independent and neutral group and as such may be seen at events being organised by a variety of organisations and clubs. This does not mean that we are supporters of any other organisation it’s just that we enjoy socialising.




We organise Four official events each year.




AGM to be held during one of the official events each year just to audit accounts, plan the next years events and if necessary vote on changes to committee.


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